⚠the 7 biggest nutrition myths ⚠

myth number 1️⃣
Eating clean or paleo gets you lean
if you eat "clean" BUT consume more overall calories then your body uses you will still gain fat #provenbyscience
The current data shows that there is no increased benefit for fat loss when calories and macros are controlled for.
that's not to say clean foods are bad it just highlights that having a diet that controls for calories and macros means you can enjoy your life without obsessive restriction
If you are eating for "health", paleo or clean eating is a good choice.
if you are eating for body composition then you need to also control for calories.
regardless high fibre/nutrient foods should be the basis of your nutrition then if you have hit those targets you can include foods that are "non clean" foods only after this.
This is what the science says at this point in time


myth number 2 You just must eat 6 times per day to stimulate your metabolism The science currently says there is no increased benefit to having 2 meal compared to 6 when calories and macros are controlled in both groups FOR FAT LOSS. Now there are benefits of consuming meals more regularly just not for fat loss
Such as managing appetite and stimulating muscle protein synthesis (need to build muscle)
The key point is not to be obsessive over this and do what fits your lifestyle


myth number 3
Eating red meat causes cancer There is no scientific study to show that meat CAUSES cancer.
Now there is a correlation between high meat consumption and cancer because most high red meat diets are low in fibre/vegetables.
Let's look at another correlation to highlight it's irrelevant if you understand why correlations don't mean shit
Ice cream sales in the USA and murders
the key point here is understanding the science back up by conclusive data as compared to just observations that are not necessarily linked



myth number 4
Sugar free soft drinks cause cancer and are bad for you.
Again this is another correlation misunderstanding
There is no data confirming this and wound be explained as a correlation due to the fact that people who consume the highest amount of sugar free soft drinks are also people who consume low fibre/vegetable diets
A key point is to understand that the devil is in the dose with these things
If you over consume water you will die. Moderate water consumption is essential for life
Moderate consumption of sugar free soft drink is fine



myth number 5
the anabolic window is essential for maximal gains
Getting that shake is ASAP post workout has never been proven by science
So long as you have sufficient protein intake throughout the day you will still get the same results
now if you are training fasted (before eating) it would be advisable to get your food indirectly after as you will have limited nutrition available
If you are training after having a meal earlier in the day it is not essential to eat straight after training


myth number 6
carbs make you fat
Science has proven then consumption of carbs does not make you fat
Over consumption of calories does
It's easy to overconsume carbs but you can consume carbs as part of a calorie controlled diet and not gain fat So what are carbs
Carbs are quick energy
They have a purpose to fuel and nourish your body.
fibrous carbs also have the highest concentration of micronutrients.
cutting out carbs is just a strategy to decrease overall calories
The current scientific data shows that consuming carbs increases performance compared to just protein and fats.
Those who are anti carbs will often quote someone doing a 300kg deadlift after a 5 day fast or no carbs in a month
Understand thisscientific studies control for variables that are not the same as "some guy on Instagram doesn't eat carbs and he is strong AF" or I feel fine without carbs so you should too. Cutting out carbs increases your insulin sensitivity so that when you add them back in your body is primed to store body fat
As always it depends entirely on the context of the individual.
Low carb is great for certain populations just
not for optimal exercise performance
or low term sustainable weight loss.


myth number 7
sugar makes you fat
This is fuelled by documentaries like that sugar film.
Which don't account for fibre intake
if this doco controlled for fibre intake he would not have experienced no changes
Just like anything overconsumption is not good for your body
The issue is when you demonise something such as sugar, which is in fruit which is beneficial to health you create issues around food Am I saying go out and eat all the refined sugar you can
A diet that is high in sugar is low in fibre normally so you don't have the vitamins minerals and nutrients you need
So control for fibre first then if you consume sugar in moderate levels you will be fine
Sugar like any food or drug has addictive tendencies
so MODERATE consumption is ok

Cody McAuliffe.



ISSN sports nutritionist.
Metabolic Health Systems Lecturer.

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