⚠️The ONLY 7 reasons you aren’t losing weight⚠️

➡️Reason number 1 ⬅️
✅You aren’t in a calorie deficit

If you are consuming more calories than you are burning you won’t lose weight 😳
❌If you are not in a calorie deficit you wont lose weight.
😳Just because an online calculator says you are in a deficit does not mean you actually are.
✅There are limitations to these calculators so you might think you are in a deficit based on the calculation but
➡️you may be in maintenance or Recomp calories meaning you are losing body fat but not weight ❌

➡️Reason number 2 ⬅️
✅Your deficit to big

😳If you go into a absolute calorie deficit you may create too much of stress response in your body so your body may start to prioritise survival over losing body fat. ⚠️This often happens with people who go from a untracked calorie intake to a very low calorie intake and do as much exercise as they can when returning to exercise. ❌This is setting them up to fail.
❌also common for people who are trying to stay Comp lean all year round
✅you need to have periods of deficit, maintenance (diet break) and surplus to progress long term and avoid negative health effects of dieting.

➡️Reason number 3⬅️
✅You have been in a deficit too long 😳

❌The longer your body is in a deficit the less results you will get from changes, so this is where a GOOD coach would give you a diet break.
➡️A diet break is a period of higher caloric intake where your metabolism gets a break to get more performance from the work that you are doing.
❌Its often the case that people drop more when they start a diet break because their training output increases so much on higher food.
❌you can’t just drop calories and increase exercise more and more and more and more.
➡️There is a limit to how much you can push the body⚠️ 😐
⚠️ if your body isn’t responding there is a reason 🚫

➡️Reason number 4⬅️
You new to the gym or just getting back into it

✅When you first start out you tend to optimise your ability to store carbs in your muscle meaning you will weigh more.
✅You will get the newbie gains where you get lots of muscle so your weight increases at or faster than your fat is going down.
✔️✔️✔️This is great long term so long as you don’t focus on the scales and get discouraged.
⚠️if you struggle to do body weight exercises like lunges and push ups on your toes this will most likely happen to you ⚠️

➡️Reason number 5⬅️
❌You have been on these macros long?

✔️The longer you are on specific a specific intake the more likely your body is to adapt to that intake.
✅As your body changes so should your macro goals or training.
➡️If you are not progressing you need to change something to start to progress again.
✔️Change your food or training to change your deficit to progress
⚠️if you have also been in a big or long deficit it might be time for a diet break⚠️

➡️Reason number 6⬅️
❌you aren’t progressing in the gym

🚫If you are not progressively overloading your body in the gym through weight training you may not actually be in a calorie deficit.
⚠️If you have been doing the same program for a long period of time your body may no longer be progressing
✅might be time for a training deload and/or a change in your food intake to get the ball rolling again

➡️Reason number 7⬅️
✅You have a dietician or doctor diagnosed hormonal issue.

❌❌I fought with myself if I should include this one.
⚠️⚠️⚠️The majority of people are reason 1-6 but always think it is this issue because it’s out of their hands⚠️⚠️⚠️
➡️Until a qualified doctor or dietitian diagnoses it you can only guess if this is the issue
😳😳Most people use this as an excuse however it just means you require a different approach ✔️✔️
❌This is the rare case.
❌The majority of people I work with are reason 1-6


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