Why doing CEC courses never earn you more $$$

No that isn’t a typo and I am going to explain why…

I have the same conversation everyday with a coaches/trainers when I ask how’s business…

They ALWAYS say the same two things:

1) “I need more clients.”

2) “I’m thinking about doing this course”

I always respond with…

“let me guess if this is what is happening, you get a few leads come in and you know you can get them the result they want, but, they say they don’t have time, they don’t have the money or they need to ask their spouse etc. Now you know they need your help and you know you can get them the results they want but you can’t help them if they don’t train with you”

So…is increasing your practical skill set going to get more clients in the door?


Keep in mind 95% of your clients really don’t care what your skill set is, so long as they get the results they want…

So that would be a big fat NOOOOO!!!


Now don’t get me wrong. I am the biggest advocate of up skilling and continually improving your skills. The issue is it does not get you more clients. EVER.

What it does do is:

– Fuel your passion so that you stay motivated in the industry to help others and make a difference.

– Gives you confidence in yourself so that you can get even better results for your current clients

– Increases client retention by providing a higher level of service and better results (this will feed into a better referral rate).


Now to the key point is that none of these things bring new clients in the door. They are all only essential strategies to improve and become better long term.


How can you help more people if people don’t even know who you are?

So the question is how do I get more people in the door and paying money.

To illustrate my point here are 2 example of trainers in the fitness industry.


Let’s talk about 2 examples:

Example 1  – we will call her ‘Tits McGee’  – A gorgeous girl who knows nothing about health and fitness who has a huge instagram following makes $100s of thousands of dollars selling diet and exercise plans with no real skills or experience.

Example 2 – a highly qualified coach who has been in the industry 3 years working in a big gym chain is struggling to pay their bills providing a top quality service which gets their clients amazing results (if you are reading this chances are you will resonate with this example).

This is an all too common example in the fitness industry. Now before you complain that example 1 is just lucky you need to understand what she has actually done, and most importantly how you can do the same to create a sustainable business.


‘Tits McGee’ has “marketed” herself to create a following

(which is really just a database of potential clients.)

So people ACTUALLY know about her and the services she offers.


Now this can be through ethical means such as educating others or it can be through just showing tits and ass. So if you don’t have the tits and ass then you can do it through other more ethical means such as education.

Whether you realise it or not this is the process it takes to get more clients or income:

Increasing your skill set and knowledge on exercise doesn’t directly increase your income because you STILL have to get people in the door first.


Now if you had the business/income you REALLY wanted you would have needed the marketing and leads to achieve that.

So if you DON’T have the business/income you want then you don’t have the marketing you need EITHER.

It’s as simple as that.

If Tits McGee can get clients by marketing so can you.

She doesn't do it by increasing her skill set, she should do this too, but thats not how she gets clients in the door.

So now that you know marketing is the solution to making more money how do we market?


I actually did a training session on this for my private coaching clients which was too good not to share.

Personally I have earned 1000s of $ from selling this never seen before content, ONLY to my private coaching clients.

They have used this training to increase their income 10 of 1000s of $.

Lucky for you I have a passion for improve the industry so I am going to share it with you for FREE!

This is what I cover in this session:

  • The 5 objections I get and from trainers when I say they need to market, and what to do to overcome them.
    • Where do I get started?
    • What if I don't have time to market?
    • What should I say in my marketing?
    • What platforms should I use?
    • How should I sell my services?
  • The mindset you need to have to increase $ through marketing.
  • What are the 3 categories of creating marketing?



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