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Competition preparation is a very individualised service that requires time to complete. The majority (98%) of people will require a 20 week preparation.

It's simple...just not obvious

This is due to the fact the most people want to prep when they are already high on training (both cardio and weights) and low on calories. This is hard to do a prep from as you are already maxing out your capacity to drop body fat.

You will require at least 8 weeks on increasing your food and decreasing your exercise (reverse dieting) before you can do a competition preparation for a minimum of 12 weeks.

TIP #1: 

"The longer you have to prepare the better condition you will look on stage."

Comp prep is won in the off season, not during the cutting phase.

Your comp prep includes:


***Only evidence based natural protocols***


This includes:

  1. Weekly measurements.

  2. Supplement plans updates.

  3. Eating plan updates.

  4. Training plan updates.

  5. Mobility programing.

  6. Unlimited email support.

  7. Access to my video education series.

  8. Peak week timeline and protocols.

  9. Comp day timeline.

  10. Peak week unlimited contact and support.

Previous results include:


Cody McAuliffe - bodybuilding champion - your coach.


Muscle Manina - national titles - under 75kg - 1st place.

INBA - Brisbane Fitness expo - under 72kg - 1st place.

IFBB - QLD state titles - classic bodybuilding class 1 - 1st place.

INBA - QLD state titles - under 72kg - 2nd place.

INBA -  South Coast classic - class 1 - 3rd place.



WFF - QLD state tittles - class 3 - 2nd place.

INBA QLD state tittles - under 72kg - 3rd place.

Muscle Mania - Australian titles - under 75kg - 4th place.

ANB - QLD titles - under 70kg - 3rd place.



Asia pacific ANB - under 70kg - 2nd place.

INBA - Brisbane Classic - under 72kg - 4th place.


Josh Shultz - OVERALL Male Fitness Model Champion.


Hayley Wilson - OVERALL Bikini Champion.


Josh Shultz - OVERALL Physique Champion.


Jason Gillespie - Body Building Under 77kg - 4th Place.

Ok i'm ready to get started. What are my options?


TIP #2

"Get started with ONLINE today and progress at a later stage"


Some kind words from current and previous clients:

I first met Cody several years ago when he was beginning his fitness journey. I have since witnessed him grow into not only a fantastic personal trainer, but an amazing inspiration in all aspects of the industry and life in general. Cody is one of those rare people that practice what they preach, and he takes legitimate pride in the accomplishments of others. Because of this, he does his absolute utmost to make sure that you get the results you seek.

So far my results go far beyond physical. I have not only dropped body fat whilst increasing both size and strength, but I have also gained a far greater appreciation of food and the benefits of a BALANCED lifestyle.

One of the main things that has impressed me since starting with Cody is his responsiveness to any question I need answered, or advice I might seek. Wether it be weekend, late night or even if he is competing, I can usually expect to see a reply within a very short timeframe.

Cody is a really good mentor to have. Whilst he provides and incredible amount of knowledge and experience, the important thing is that he shares it, so that you can use and experience it for yourself. He points you in the right direction, holds your hand as long as you need, but then encourages you to walk the walk on your own….and makes it happen!

The nutrition part of training with Cody was daunting. But unlike other programs I’ve used or seen, Cody gives you free reign. He doesn’t restrict you to certain foods….and instead puts the ownership on you to find out what works. I’ve found this method to be particularly beneficial, as it teaches you to how to lead a healthy lifestyle in numerous situations, not just controlled ones. He helps you not only eat healthy, but live healthy.

Cody’s knowledge alone would have me recommend him to anyone as a coach….but it is the way in which he protracts his knowledge that really sets him apart. Cody is humble, well grounded and extremely invested in those lucky enough to have him as a coach. I can put my hand up to say I wouldn’t prefer train with anyone else.

As a personal trainer myself, I am able to see right through the bulls*&t of generic programs and meal plans. Cody’s clients are individual, and treated as such. In the fitness industry, this is a very rare occurrence, and one I am truly grateful for.

**Steve's partner Sarah now trains with Cody too***

Steve Hanson
Personal Trainer - The gym factory

"Working with Cody as my trainer has been amazing. As a PT myself I already have lots of knowledge and motivation to achieve results. Cody has taken my training and nutrition to a new level and taught me lots along the way.

It has been great to learn and apply different nutrition plans and strategies that Cody has put together for me to achieve my goals. Working with Cody has helped me achieve new results and take my body to a new level, I feel fantastic and have achieved my biggest goal of single digit body fat percentage.

I would recommend Cody because of his knowledge, attention to detail and his passion for helping his clients achieve their goals. Cody is very supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I (and his clients) achieve there goals. I look forward to working with Cody in the future and again taking my body to a new level."

Josh Shultz - Fitness Director and PT

"Cody is like no other trainer I have had before. His knowledge and expertise had enabled me to continue my sprinting training despite a number of different challenges.

He also took the time to meet with my physiotherapist and communicate with my running Coach. Everyone on the same page is getting me better results.

Cody plays a crucial role in my development in rehabilitation, strength and my overall performance. He is the only PT I trust."

Prue McAuliffe
Insprafit and athlete

"I have been training with Cody McAuliffe now for well over a year and I have to say, he has been one of the best trainers I’ve had over the 15 years I’ve been training and using personal trainers in helping me reach my goals.

For me personally I have never used PT’s for motivation or the social aspect of it but purely for results and pushing me past the point I wouldn’t be able to do so myself and that’s exactly what I get every session I do with Cody.

Cody is a no frills, results driven kinda guy and that’s what I really like about him and would recommend him to anyone looking at furthering their own fitness. His knowledge in his craft is something I also admire and test him on all the time and I always get a straight answer which makes complete sense and backs up his way of training."

Harry Katsanevas
DJ and promotor

I have been training with Cody for over two years when I approached Cody in late January to help me with a bikini competition – at this stage I was sitting at around 17% body fat. I asked him to help me get on stage in May for my INBA bikini competition, I decided to do this for my personal success and at no stage did I ever expect to walk away with trophies for Overall Bikini, 1st Place Novice, 1st place First Timers, 1st Place 30+, 2ndPlace Short Bikini,  2nd Place Swimsuit and enjoy every minute of it.

I chose to use Cody’s face to face service which included programming and food. It was important to me to have someone that I could check in with on a regular basis, to take all of the thinking out of my preparation. Cody was very supportive and informative throughout my competition prep as well as after, ensuring not only that I did the correct thing – but also making sure I understood the process behind it. I was lucky enough to be in the same gym as Cody so he also helped with posing on a regular basis right through to on the day support at my competitions.

I love food so following the flexible eating system that Cody put me on was easy – it didn’t even feel like a diet. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my fair share of proteins/carbs and fats and yes everything was still measured and ensured it fitted into my day but with the flexibility of calorie cycling it meant that I also didn’t miss out on all the foods I love (like cake and donoughts and pastas and ice cream – just to name a few) it also meant that I didn’t miss out special events or feel as though I couldn’t factor in my social life.

The training programs were continually changing, which was important for me during my prep so that I didn’t get bored doing the same things.

I found that Cody was different to other performance coaches and PT’s that I have used because first of all he is ISSN qualified, but mostly because of the time and care that he puts into each and every one of his clients.  I have been in the fitness industry for 13 years and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Cody as a coach, mostly because I could fully trust him with all of the different strategies that we took on board during the prep, he took into account everything and most importantly my health. At the end of the day, I couldn’t thank Cody enough for his professionalism and for pushing me to be best I could be with all of the support that he has given me prior, during and post my fitness goals. If you are looking for a PT or sports specific coach – Cody is absolutely your guy.

Hayley Wilson
Goodlife national manager

"Cody is genuinely one of the best in the industry. Not because he's the most expensive (he's actually underpriced for the service he offers), but because of his no-nonsense approach. He lives and breathes what he teaches you and does it without any fanfare. No spin. Just solid, supportive training techniques and nutritional advice.

Most importantly, he gets great results for everyone.From day one, you'll have clear and achievable goals - not just a number on the scales. He takes it personally, so you're in it together.

I would highly recommend Cody for anyone - whether you've never stepped foot inside a gym; you've got 50kgs to drop; you're young; old; underweight; or just toning up and want to get more lean muscle. Cody is the trainer for you."

Dylan Smith
Airbnb Asia Pacific PR manager

"Cody has been helping me to reach my fitness goals by regimenting my diet and training programs while teaching me the importance that proper nutrition plays in any training program.

While training with Cody he has taught me proper techniques for power lifts and how to properly use free weights such as kettle bells. He is also able to incorporate an ever increasing range of exercises to keep me challenged and motivated at the gym.

So far through my training with Cody I have managed to Increase my body weight from 69.0Kg to 75.0Kg and reduce my body fat from 13.5% to 11.75% most importantly my abs are coming through as I am putting on more muscle.

I am very happy with the progress and success that I have so far. I would not hesitate to recommend Cody and his training program to anyone."

Shaun Stevenson

“In the first 4 weeks I built an extra 3.62kg of muscle at the same time as losing 1.32kg fat (which is very hard to do!).

He has taught me many things about nutritional needs that I can now relate back to my clients to get even more results!

I went to Cody seeking more specific details to get me out of my plateau!"

"I have been a hard gainer and seen slow results in my quads with growth, but after 9 weeks my quads for the first time had finally started to take shape!

Cody has also helped me find other ways of training that are more effective.

His program pushed me to strength and muscular endurance levels I would have never thought I was capable of."

Chris Rivas
Healthwise - Personal Trainer.

"I have used Cody’s training program for approximately 3 months. After training with several PT’s, it was his complete approach with diet, supplementation and training plan that made a huge difference to my results.

In the first 6 weeks of training I dropped 1.4kg of fat while increasing my lean mass by 3.44kg. This is exactly what I was looking for and hadn’t achieved on other training programs.

Cody is also weightlifter, I also found this inspiring, as we have similar goals. Since training with Cody, I am closer than ever to reaching my goals."

Craig Dows


  • ISSN sports nutrition and supplement specialist.
  • Cert IV in fitness.
  • Certified rehab trainer.
  • Certified kettlebell trainer.
  • Rocktape 1: Kinesiology taping.
  • Trigger point therapist.
  • Real movement coach.
  • Pre/post natal.
  • Biomechanics, pain and posture.
  • Australian strength coach level 1.

2 years as campus director for the Australian Institute of personal trainers.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you recommend extreme measures like high manipulations of water and salt for peak week?

Chasing gains (CG) does not recommend extreme changes for anyone as it is risky for your health. You can not out smart your body. Get lean enough before peak week and you will have an easy enjoyable peak week rather than have to try and overcome how your body functions to look ever so slightly leaner while risking looking horrible on stage.

Are you flexible in your approach?

CG understand that life is never perfect so you need to be flexible in your approach to comp prep to ensure that when something comes up it is not the end of the world and we can make changes to your plan based on your circustances.

What kind of follow up will I get?

CG prides itself on having regular contact with all of our clients to ensure they are staying on track with their diet, nutrition and are coping well mentally.The closer you are to competing the more follow up you will receive.

Should I worry about what other people are doing on their prep?

There are many different ways to get someone ready for a show. Chasing gains choses the evidence based approach to getting results, as Cody understand the science and how the body works to get the best result for the lead up, the actual comp and also post comp.


**Female athletes only**
I don’t want my period to stop just because I am doing a competition as it is unhealthy. Can I still prep?

Having a cessation of you menstrual cycle is not healthy and is generally caused by coaches who do no understand the basics of female hormonal health. You can keep your health and regular cycle if you have a coach that knows what they are doing.

Please note:

Chasing Gains Competition Preparation is a natural service.