Cody Bucks the Hotel Trend

Later this year when I travel to the Gold Coast for the IFBB amateur Olypmia World Championships, I have opted to use Airbnb instead of staying in hotels. Airbnb provides the facilities that I need to ensure a stress free stay leading up to competitions.

Last season when staying in hotels I found kitchen facilities as simple as a microwave were hard to come by. If you have competed interstate or nationally you would also know how much of a massive drama this is. The last thing you want to be thinking about is how you can get use of a microwave leading up to a competition. Being mentally prepared is paramount to success on the stage.

This season I booked with Airbnb for Musclmania on the Gold Coast and consequently had a great experience. It was like a home away from home with everything I needed. This left me to focus on getting ready for my national competition. The host was super friendly and it was located very close to the venue. With this and the low price tag I don’t think I will ever go back to staying in tiny hotel rooms with no kitchen facilities when I compete.

I am grateful for the support of such an amazing company like Airbnb. It will enable me to get into the right frame of mind and give me the best chance of success when representing Australia on the World stage.



SunTANon gives me the confidence that I am showing my body in the best possible way giving me the edge on stage. In comparison to the brands I have used previously, SunTANon is so much easier to apply and a darker colour. I also used this tan at the Australian national Musclemania where I placed 1st in the open under 75kg category, so the judges obviously like it. I recommend using sunTANon to give you the edge in your next bodybuilding competition.


Puregg - Simply Egg Whites
As a bodybuilder and Personal Trainer I couldn’t live without Puregg – Simply Egg Whites. I have tried other brands, however Puregg is more versatile, tastes delicious, mixes better AND is super low in fat. That means that I can eat it and enjoy it, even in the days leading up to comps. I highly recommend incorporating Puregg – Simply Egg Whites into your eating plan. Check out my favourite super fast low calorie breakfast recipe here.


Rocktape Australia

Rocktape Australia

Dugg - Underwear experts

Dugg is the largest online retailer for men’s underwear, socks and sleepwear. They have the biggest range and the best quality. My favourite product from Dugg is currently my Superman trunks! If you know me, you know I love any excuse to run around in my underwear! Just like superman… 😛


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Professionals Donating Their Time & Expertise

Helping Cody to get to the World Stage for IFBB in November 2015.


Andrew Barlow - QLD Orthotics & Podiatry


Kristie Melling - Peachy Body Clinic



Zac Litterland - Inspire

Exercise Physiology


Lachlan Freebairn - Latrobe Terrace Osteopathy



David Yould - Head Judge INBA

Posing Training

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Helping Cody to get to the World Stage for IFBB in November 2015.


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