From Personal Trainer's...

These are success stories from Personal Trainer’s that I have trained. Each of these Personal Trainers have had challenges that they have had difficulty in overcoming until they began training with Chasing Gains. It is our aim at to create success stories from each and every client that comes our way, Personal Trainer or not we can help you get the gains you want.

Charles Trewin, PT at Goodlife Health Clubs

“In the first 4 weeks I built an extra 3.62kg of muscle at the same time as losing 1.32kg fat (which is very hard to do!).

He has taught me many things about nutritional needs that I can now relate back to my clients to get even more results!

I went to Cody seeking more specific details to get me out of my plateau!"

Chris Rivas, PT at Healthwise - Flight Centre

"I have been a hard gainer and seen slow results in my quads with growth, but after 9 weeks my quads for the first time had finally started to take shape!

Cody has also helped me find other ways of training that are more effective.

His program pushed me to strength and muscular endurance levels I would have never thought I was capable of.

Hayley Wilson, PT at Goodlife Health Clubs

"I decreased body fat from 21% to 17% and also increased lean muscle mass from 42.6kg to 45.8kg!

I have been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over the last 10 years.

I would highly recommend this program to any experienced gym goer who needs to mix up their routine, to not only get more motivation, but also for people who want to take the thinking out of what they are going to train on a daily basis!

Prue McAuliffe, PT at InspraFit

"Cody is like no other trainer I have had before. His knowledge and expertise had enabled me to continue my sprinting training despite a number of different challenges.

He also took the time to meet with my physiotherapist and communicate with my running Coach. Everyone on the same page is getting me better results.

Cody plays a crucial role in my development in rehabilitation, strength and my overall performance. He is the only PT I trust.

Steve Hanson, Personal Trainer

I first met Cody several years ago when he was beginning his fitness journey. I have since witnessed him grow into not only a fantastic personal trainer, but an amazing inspiration in all aspects of the industry and life in general. Cody is one of those rare people that practice what they preach, and he takes legitimate pride in the accomplishments of others. Because of this, he does his absolute utmost to make sure that you get the results you seek.

So far my results go far beyond physical. I have not only dropped body fat whilst increasing both size and strength, but I have also gained a far greater appreciation of food and the benefits of a BALANCED lifestyle.

One of the main things that has impressed me since starting with Cody is his responsiveness to any question I need answered, or advice I might seek. Wether it be weekend, late night or even if he is competing, I can usually expect to see a reply within a very short timeframe.

Cody is a really good mentor to have. Whilst he provides and incredible amount of knowledge and experience, the important thing is that he shares it, so that you can use and experience it for yourself. He points you in the right direction, holds your hand as long as you need, but then encourages you to walk the walk on your own….and makes it happen!

The nutrition part of training with Cody was daunting. But unlike other programs I’ve used or seen, Cody gives you free reign. He doesn’t restrict you to certain foods….and instead puts the ownership on you to find out what works. I’ve found this method to be particularly beneficial, as it teaches you to how to lead a healthy lifestyle in numerous situations, not just controlled ones. He helps you not only eat healthy, but live healthy.

Cody’s knowledge alone would have me recommend him to anyone as a coach….but it is the way in which he protracts his knowledge that really sets him apart. Cody is humble, well grounded and extremely invested in those lucky enough to have him as a coach. I can put my hand up to say I wouldn’t prefer train with anyone else.

As a personal trainer myself, I am able to see right through the bulls*&t of generic programs and meal plans. Cody’s clients are individual, and treated as such. In the fitness industry, this is a very rare occurrence, and one I am truly grateful for.

Josh Shultz, PT Goodlife Health Clubs I have been working with Cody as my coach for a year now and could from when i first spoke to him we were going to work great together. Cody is super easy to talk to, very open and available for texts, emails, and messages. He is very good about answering questions, as well as explaining the details of the process. I thought about doing my prep on my own, but I'm so happy I found a coach that uses a macro based approach, competes himself, and has a wealth of knowledge like Cody does.

I am very happy with how my body responded and adapted to the science based changes Cody made throughout my comp prep. With small and very specific adjustments in my macros and workout, Cody helped me reach my goal of competing internationally in the Natural Olympia. Cody took me from never competing before to becoming a pro in 2 categories within 12 months. Having Cody's knowledge to tweak things for me based on my weekly progress, and remind me of things I still need to accomplish, has definitely helped me go to the next level and achieve great success. I would recommend Cody to anyone looking to compete.

From Client's...

These are success stories from clients that I have trained from all walks of life. My clients come from a range of different backgrounds and have different goals and desired results as you can see from the below testimonials. Everyone is different so Chasing Gains tailors your training and eating programs to get you results for your goals. We aim to create success stories in every single client, including you.

Harry Katsanevas, DJ & Promoter

"I have been training with Cody McAuliffe now for well over a year and I have to say, he has been one of the best trainers I’ve had over the 15 years I’ve been training and using personal trainers in helping me reach my goals.

For me personally I have never used PT’s for motivation or the social aspect of it but purely for results and pushing me past the point I wouldn’t be able to do so myself and that’s exactly what I get every session I do with Cody.

Cody is a no frills, results driven kinda guy and that’s what I really like about him and would recommend him to anyone looking at furthering their own fitness. His knowledge in his craft is something I also admire and test him on all the time and I always get a straight answer which makes complete sense and backs up his way of training."

Dylan Smith, Manager of Government & Stakeholder Relations - Unity Water

"Cody is genuinely one of the best in the industry. Not because he's the most expensive (he's actually underpriced for the service he offers), but because of his no-nonsense approach. He lives and breathes what he teaches you and does it without any fanfare. No spin. Just solid, supportive training techniques and nutritional advice.

Most importantly, he gets great results for everyone.From day one, you'll have clear and achievable goals - not just a number on the scales. He takes it personally, so you're in it together.

I would highly recommend Cody for anyone - whether you've never stepped foot inside a gym; you've got 50kgs to drop; you're young; old; underweight; or just toning up and want to get more lean muscle. Cody is the trainer for you."

Shaun Stevenson

"Cody has been helping me to reach my fitness goals by regimenting my diet and training programs while teaching me the importance that proper nutrition plays in any training program.

While training with Cody he has taught me proper techniques for power lifts and how to properly use free weights such as kettle bells. He is also able to incorporate an ever increasing range of exercises to keep me challenged and motivated at the gym.

So far through my training with Cody I have managed to Increase my body weight from 69.0Kg to 75.0Kg and reduce my body fat from 13.5% to 11.75% most importantly my abs are coming through as I am putting on more muscle.

I am very happy with the progress and success that I have so far. I would not hesitate to recommend Cody and his training program to anyone."

Craig Dows, Maintenance Delivery Engineer

"I have used Cody’s training program for approximately 3 months. After training with several PT’s, it was his complete approach with diet, supplementation and training plan that made a huge difference to my results.

In the first 6 weeks of training I dropped 1.4kg of fat while increasing my lean mass by 3.44kg. This is exactly what I was looking for and hadn’t achieved on other training programs.

Cody is also weightlifter, I also found this inspiring, as we have similar goals. Since training with Cody, I am closer than ever to reaching my goals."

Liz Johnston, Teacher

I have been training at Castle Group training for about 12 months now. The most enjoyable aspect of CGT is that it is a relaxed, social environment where you get a great work out in a wonderful location – it’s one of the best ways to start the day!
My level of fitness has improved since starting training and I have a more toned and defined shape. I also have a much greater understanding of the importance of nutrition – how to balance nutrition and exercise to achieve results. Prior to joining CGT I thought I ate a healthy diet but Cody (head trainer) has taught me that it is not only the type of food that you consume but also the importance of when you are eating specific food groups that can impact on your overall nutritional balance.

Castle group training is different to other boot camps because:
• The trainers take the time to design a variety of bootcamp activities that are challenging and fun.
• They have the ability to encourage all bootcamp participants to challenge themselves to reach their individual goals.
• The trainers are very knowledgeable and patient – they explain and demonstrates all of the activities before each session.
• Throughout each session the trainers will work with individuals to correct and develop their skills and techniques.
• The trainers are very willing to answer any questions/suggest practical ideas about nutrition and exercise.
• Cody and the other trainers at castle group training are basically a ‘one-stop fitness reference shop’!
- Liz Johnston

Rosy Kalamafoni, Teacher

“I have been doing boot camp for over 12 months now. Before starting boot camp I had a stereotype in my head of yelling, screaming, demands and extreme individual pain within a large group of fitness sheep. Cody’s boot camp smashes that image. Instead Cody’s boot camps are challenging but in a way that allows for laughing, comedy and jokes in a supportive and empowering way. Cody is serious about fitness and what he does, but he works with all participants to ensure we ALL have a positive experience rather than feeling like a failure or fitness inadequate gumby. Plus the group is full of great people who you enjoying seeing three times a week!

Cody is extremely knowledgeable and relentless in his nutritional advice. I have learnt a lot about how my bad habits impact the success of my training in the boot camps and how to enhance the effects of my boot camp efforts. When Cody took over the boot camps we noticed a massive difference in the intensity of the exercises and the amount of which we were repeatedly pushed through fatigue. Cody seeks to challenge us past what we think we can do, but still works within our natural boundaries, limits and injuries. Cody is not unrealistic in his demands of us, but he loves to crack out Time Trials and PUNNISHERS!!

I have been super surprised at how quickly you can feel your fitness improving even though you feel like you are just repeatedly being annihilated session after session. I have noticed changes in my body shape gradually over time and most importantly, my growing strength and endurance in completing the various exercises. Apart from weight loss, boot camp has given me more individual strength and an ability to tone and shape parts of my body as the weight disappears, it’s a long process but one that I enjoy with Cody!” – Rosy Kalamafoni

Dan Hill-Smith, Sales & Customer Service Manager

How long have you been training at bootcamp?

Been training for 6 months now

What do you enjoy most about bootcamp?

Training in a group makes you push yourself harder than you ever would on your own. The people are great and there’s a fun atmosphere.

What have you learnt about exercise or nutrition since starting training with cody mc?

I have learnt that carbs are bad for my waistline, especially when mixed in a bottle with alcohol. Nutrition is paramount in health.

How is cody different from other trainers/training?

Cody motivates everyone equally and spends time and effort into inventing new training sessions.

What results you have achieved?

6.17% reduction in body fat now down to 7.75%, maassssive increase in my cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re not training with Cody… you’re not training.

Leah Mahoney, Teacher

“I started with Cody at the start of 2012 and although I’ve tried to keep fairly healthy I guess I was never fit, strong and healthy. This was very evident when I couldn’t lift the 8kg kettle bell! Cody was great help and very motivating and I now use a 12kg! It’s a great feeling to know you’ve come so far. I’ve never really done any other bootcamps as have been turned off by the name and the thought of being screamed at while you exercise….however castle training is nothing like that at all, it’s fun we have a laugh, sometimes even ‘train the trainer’, all whilst getting results! I would definitely recommend it to friends…infact I have and there’s about 5 that have started up doing nights, all enjoying it as much as I do!” – Leah Mahoney




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