The thing that’s holding back

The thing that’s holding back is also the same thing that got you results in the first place.


By definition your thoughts and actions are what has given you the results you have today

No more results and no less results.

  • Your food intake has given you the body you have today.
  • Your training has given you the body you have today.

This is power of cause and effect.

This should be empowering information.

This means you are responsible.
Note that I said you are responsible and not “its your fault.”

Fault implies guilt or shame and when you associate guilt/shame/failure with your circumstances you instantly stop yourself even starting.
Because you think to yourself…that’s just how it is.

Responsibility highlights the power is yours to change going forward.

This means that YOU are in control of your circumstance and therefore your results.

The perfect plan doesn’t exist.

When you are driving to work do you line up your car perfectly to drive in a perfectly straight line to work each day?


You start moving then adjust based on what is in front of you to take the best path to get to your end goal of arriving at work. Your approach is never linear.

This is the concept of “constant course correction”

So…lets now relate that to the fitness example.

Most people expect their goal to be linear however it is anything but.

It requires “continuous course correction” to adjust as your body changes.


Every week someone will ask for the PERFECT training plan, supplement plan, macro plan or meal plan.


A single plan will only take you as far as the next intersection where you will be required to adjust your approach accordingly.

This can mean turning left or right or continuing going straight.

  • Increasing or decreasing your food.
  • Increasing or decreasing your training.
  • or even just keeping the same approach for a little bit longer.

This doesn’t mean stopping dead and saying “this isn’t working” or doing a complete 180 and going the opposite direction.

This means applying the concept of “constant course correction” and making small adjustments when required.


Sometimes this means moving, what seems like, further away from your end goal. This is ultimately required at some point to achieve your goal.

This can come in the form of a diet break or a training deload.

When people don’t feel like they are moving towards their goal they become demotivated and often quit.


If we have to ALWAYS move towards our end goal/destination without taking a step back or even to the side we are setting ourselves up to fail.


As a coach this is what I do with all of my business coaching and online nutrition-coaching clients. I adjust apply the concept of “constant course correction” to every individuals circumstance to get the fastest possible results in the shortest possible time.


Of course…

There are always exceptions to the rule. This is the minority so chances are if you don’t have the result you want its because you haven’t applied “constant course correction” over a long enough period of time.

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